KM International

KM INTERNATIONAL is committed to manufacturing the highest quality asphalt maintenance equipment on the market. Designed for their efficient use by contractors and government agencies alike.

KM International, Inc. has acquired and developed a number of strengths that has fostered KMI's worldwide reputation in the asphalt industry as the "Gold" and "Green" standards. We are the preeminent authority on the "Infrared process" of "in place asphalt recycle and repair." We have fostered an ongoing industry standard of quality and excellence that continually exceeds our customers' expectations in all of our product offerings including our "Infrared" line of equipment, our Hot Box Reclaimers and our newest addition the Asphalt Recycler.

Portable Infrared Asphalt Heater LB2-16

This 4' x 4' unit offers a single operator two independent zones and 16 sq. ft. of infrared powered performance.

The heating times of this unit consistently out perform any other comparable unit on the market.

The fully self-contained unit has a unique folding design that makes it easy for transport and even easier to use.

Lineal Infrared Asphalt Heaters

The perfect fit for cold seem repair. This is the tool that gets Pavers paid on time. Currently many municipalities are requiring that the cold seem in paving projects be welded.

  • Custom sizes up to 3 ft x 32 ft
  • Efficient propane-powered infrared technology
  • Third bullet here, because bullets should come in threes

The KM Lineal Infrareds offer a real solution that is the smart choice for savvy pavers and ensures that contracts are paid in full every time.

KM2-18X Infrared - A Paver's Best Friend

The lightweight KM2-18X is easily moved to service areas previously inaccessible. The fully self contained infrared unit is a workhorse and will provide many hours of repairs using two 30 pound cylinders of propane. This is the perfect machine for new pavement fixes and utility cut repairs.

The KM2-18X offers the operator an option to use either a single 3'-6" x 3'-3" zone or dual 3'-6" x 6'-6" zones totaling 22.75 square feet of infrared heat. This unit also works well for thermoplastic template applications.

KM4-20 Auto IRTM

For Thermoplastic Template Application

The KM 4-20 Auto Infrared is a fully self contained unit, which will provide many hours of thermoplastic install using four 40 pound cylinders of propane, 3000W Honda generator, and three 12v gel batteries.

The KM 4-20 offers the operator an option to use either a combination of four (4) 4'x15" heating zones, that an equivalent to 20 square feet of infrared heat. This combination of heating zones will allow you to install pre-formed thermoplastic with widths of four (4) feet to sixteen (16) feet.


Versatile Infrared Asphalt Repair Heater

The performance of this versatile workhorse is unmatched. Equipped with four independent heating zones which can isolate the area to be repaired without softening areas where repair is not necessary.

Our heating surface radiates a very high yield of Infrared energy per amount of propane extended.


Heavy Duty Infrared Asphalt Repair

This machine gives the user the extra capacity to make larger more efficient patches to better repair bird baths, catch basins, pot holes, oil spots and trip hazards and can be used to repair large areas by sequentially moving the KM 4-48 over the damaged area.

  • Extra size for added versatility and larger repairs
  • Independent heating zones to isolate a particular area or conserve fuel

The KM4-48 is the perfect tool for thermo plastic installation and asphalt printing The "Infrared Process" of in place asphalt recycle and repair pays for itself in days, not weeks or years.