Distributors & Chip Spreaders


E.D. Etnyre & Co. proudly manufactures a wide range of equipment that serves the asphalt road building industry, from asphalt distributors to chip spreaders and storage tanks to trailers.

They build every unit to order and provide unparalleled support, from product selection to parts and service. If you're looking for the best in distributors and chip spreaders...Etnyre has you covered!

Chip Spreaders

Etnyre ChipSpreaders are designed to accurately and efficiently apply a controlled amount of aggregate to the road in the chip seal process. Etnyre ChipSpreaders achieve these results using a hydrostatic drive system and a variable width spread hopper to apply multiple aggregate sizes and application rates thru a full range of travel speeds and spreading widths.

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Asphalt Distributors

Set the bar on asphalt application accuracy and quality with our Black-Topper® Centennial asphalt distributors. The units’ streamlined design minimizes maintenance while enhancing performance and productivity. Like all Etnyre equipment, we build every unit to order so you get the features and output you need to be successful.

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Hi Way

Hi-Way is a leading manufacturer of winter maintenance equipment including salt and sand spreaders, snowplows and multi-purpose dump bodies. Since 1939, Hi-Way has been the leader in winter road maintenance equipment. Heavy gauge steel, durable components and easy-to-use design are built into everything we produce.

If you're looking for the best in de-icing and snow removal equipment...Hi-Way has it!

Tailgate Spreaders:


The TGC-18 reversible tailgate conveyor discharges material to the right- or left-hand side for repairing edge ruts, filling trenches, and restoring road shoulders. Quick disconnect pins permit removal and attachment without the use of tools. Featuring heavy-duty 7-gauge trough, bottom and endgates, the TGC-18 comes standard with an 18" wide belt-over-chain conveyor, riveted to 1/4" x 1" (6.14 mm x 25mm) cross bars for either right- or left-hand discharge. The belt is heat and oil resistant with a wide temperature range for coarse material.

Optional features of the TGC-18 include a spinner assembly for the spreading deicing materials; a 2' discharge chute for edge rut work and non-high-temp belt-over-chain in lieu of high-temp conveyor.

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The Hi-Way® Do-Al may be used year-round for road maintenance and deicing with the ability to spread virtually any dry material. A manually operated swinging rear endgate allows for controlled material flow or high-speed, no-hoist dumping. The Do-Al also features a heavy-duty 7-gauge hopper, a high-torque/high-speed selector valve, in-cab manual control valve with independent control of conveyor and spinner, built-in relief valve, and 20-gallon (75.7 liters) reservoir with filter and indicator with all hoses and fittings.

Optional equipment for the Do-Al includes a 24" wide self-storing discharge elevator that includes a variable speed control, hydraulic winch, hose and fittings, and a #4 belt-over-chain conveyor or a #4 high-temp belt-over-chain conveyor with a wide temperature range for handling hot asphalt mix and/or petroleum based products. Cab shield, inverted "V", and screens are just some of the other option available.

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Dump Bodies:


The T6034 Asphalt Transporter conveys more than 23 cubic yards of asphalt per minute, all from the convenience of the cab. The endgate is hydraulically controlled and provides a large 1,170 square inch opening. This unique "power door" ensures a smooth flow of materials, unlike typical live bottom machines that tend to push the materials through a gravity-held endgate and restrict flow. The conveyor speed is also controlled from within the cab allowing other workers to remain a safe distance away from hot asphalt and moving parts.

An optional internal metering gate delivers low rates of asphalt or aggregate for patch work and shoulder work. This internal gate easily latches for metering by engaging two pins. When disengaged, the internal gate fully opens along with the external rear endgate for unrestricted flow of material. The T6034 also features heavy-duty construction, a durable conveyor system and is easy to maintenance and service.

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Cimline is a product driven company with a focus on Innovation, Quality, Safety and Customer Service. With a drive for performance and innovation, CPMG Continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors.

K-Series Emulsion Applicators

K2 - 250 Gallon
K5 - 500 Gallon


  • Reduces fuel costs by up to 50% with unique S-type internal flue design
  • Greener & eco-friendly clean-out due to large onboard solvent and waste tanks
  • Saves time with optional folding spray bar that covers an 8’ swath in a single pass.


  • Durable standard features such as a 7 gauge steel tank and torsion axles
  • Easier access with large maintenance hatch
  • Handle a range of jobs with 250- and 500-gallon capacity models
  • Adjustable application with a folding spray bar and nozzle adjustment valves
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