Ice Resurfacing


In the early 1940's, Frank Zamboni® saw the need for a machine to quickly produce an attractive sheet of ice at his rink in Southern California. Through his experiments and persistence, the ice resurfacer was invented. The machine he developed for his own facility was soon recognized as being indispensable for an efficient operation and has had a tremendous impact on skating and ice sports. Zamboni® Ice Resurfacers continue as the overwhelming choice of arena operators throughout the world. Frank Zamboni's® belief in ongoing product improvement and innovation lives on today in the company he founded.

As the exclusive distributor for Zamboni® Ice Resurfacers in Alberta we take special pride in maintaining the reputation this quality product has developed over the decades.

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Zamboni 100

The Zamboni Model 100 is a miniature unit which is approximately 1/10th the size of the 500 Series machines. It is ideally suited for small rinks with surfaces of 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. Its design adapts to several popular garden tractors. The Model 100 shaves the ice, picks up the shavings and lays down a fresh sheet of ice making water in one efficient operation.

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Zamboni 200

The Zamboni Model 200 is a tractor-pulled unit with a 77" blade – the same width as the 500 Series machines. The Model 200 is designed with the operator in mind and features a control console within reach and easy access to the blade and other adjustable components. It can be attached to any 3-point hitch tractor with an adequate capacity.

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Zamboni 446

The ergonomically designed, roomy and comfortable operator’s compartment has easy-to-read gauges and instructions and comes with a modern steering wheel and spinner knob. All the operator has to do is set the engine speed with the hands-free governor and drive the machine using a familiar automobile-style foot control.

Speed is controlled by this single foot pedal that is equipped with a feature that will stop the machine if the operator's foot leaves the pedal. The smaller, more efficient engine provides fuel savings and a cleaner arena environment.

The 446 has it all... maneuverability, performance and dependability.

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Zamboni 450

The world's first OEM lithium-ion battery powered ice resurfacer.

Introducing the high energy density of lithium-ion batteries to a proven and rugged workhorse for unbeatable electric-powered performance.

Quickly charge between resurfacings, maintaining power and eliminating the need for lengthy overnight recharging periods. Charge time is generally equivalent to work time - recharge for about the same amount of time and you’re back on the ice. With the standard or optional extended capacity battery package the 450 can support a variety of arena schedules. The Model 450 combines decades of legendary electric performance and our industry-proven powertrain with lithium-ion powered AC motor and controls, providing a low maintenance option for your high maintenance surface.

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Zamboni 552

The 552 is simple to drive and very easy to operate.

The ergonomically designed operator's compartment has well-placed controls and an easy-to-see display gauge providing diagnostic capabilities as well as battery and hour meter information.

The 552 provides an emission-free vehicle capable of handling the busy schedules of today's arena surfaces. Utilizing proven "forklift industry" technology, the Zamboni 552 has proven itself as a proud member in our long line of products known for their innovative technology.

The 552 has it all… reliability, performance and handling.

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Zamboni 526

The Ultimate Machine

Our engine and hydrostatic transmission enable the 526 to use a smaller, more efficient engine and can provide significant fuel savings.

Zamboni ice resurfacers have a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest sheet of ice using our unique down pressure system.

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment has controls and gauges placed for ease of operation and optimal visibility during the resurfacing process. Operation of the machine is made easier with an electronic governor and familiar automobile-style foot controls.

The hydrostatic transmission offers unmatched power at any speed. The smaller, more efficient engine consumes less fuel and provides a cleaner arena environment.

The 526 has it all... reliability, performance and handling

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Zamboni 560AC

Zamboni Model 560AC provides energy efficiency without compromise of performance.

The PLUS+1™ dash display enables operators to monitor the resurfacing in progress and make adjustments on demand. Zamboni’s new One-Touch mode uses customizable settings for auger speeds, electronic water valves and blade control for improved ease of operation and a more consistent ice surface.

The 560AC is the electric solution with the power to meet the needs of today’s busy arena surfaces. The AC motors/controls and load sensing hydraulic system increase efficiency providing more resurfacings per charge.

The design of the 560AC integrates state-of-the-art technology with standard features including an automatic snow breaker, hydraulically actuated snow tank lid, and the Zamboni Advanced Water System (AWS™) resulting in a simplified resurfacing process and a superior sheet of ice.

The 560AC is the new standard for emission-free reliability with unparalleled power.

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Zamboni 650

Introducing the next generation of ice resurfacing machines. The Zamboni 600 Series was designed to redefine the standard.

The Model 650 is the culmination of our decades of experience and feedback from the industry. Its improved efficiencies and ease of maintenance give arena operators a true competitive edge.

A bold redesign of the familiar shape of the 500 Series did not leave behind the proven performance and exceptional results the industry expects of our products. AC motors mean less maintenance. Improved capacities and efficiencies mean more time doing what the machine was designed to do: leave behind a world class sheet of ice which distances us from the competition.

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Zamboni 700

The Zamboni model 700 is the largest ice resurfacer in the Zamboni family.

With its 96" blade, the Zamboni Model 700 is ideal for large surfaces requiring a powerful resurfacer with maximum capacities. The snow tank provides an additional 25% of snow collection space and with nearly double the water supply the Model 700 provides the largest capacities available in the industry.

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Zamboni Power Edger

The Power Edger features the largest engine in the industry. The long lasting eight-sided 18" cutters reduce replacement time and cost. Designed for maximum ease of operation, the engine and depth controls are located on the handle and the unit provides stable "wander-free" control. Gasoline or propane fuel options.

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Zamboni Electric Edger EZ III

The EZ III provides an emission-free solution for your arena's edging needs. The powerful, yet quiet battery operated unit has a wide eight-sided cutting surface for maximum efficiency. Designed with the facility operator in mind, the EZ III brings a new level of reliability and performance to the edging process.

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Zamboni Conti Blade Changing Assistant

The Power Edger features the largest engine in the industry. The long lasting eight-sided 18" cutters reduce replacement time and cost. Designed for maximum ease of operation, the engine and depth controls are located on the handle and the unit provides stable "wander-free" control. Gasoline or propane fuel options.

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Zamboni Fast Ice System

FastICE® is an advanced ice making system which is an option for new ice resurfacers or can be installed on your existing ice resurfacer. It creates ice that is stronger, faster and smoother than that made with a standard resurfacing process. FastICE ice making system provides efficiencies and savings of time and energy by allowing facilities to build ice faster at higher temperatures, freeze faster and with less gasses in the ice (reducing the "insulating effect" of a conventional resurfacing). A fine, evenly distributed mist eliminates excess water on the ice. The clarity of the water improves visibility of the lines and logos in the ice. The ice made using the FastICE system has reduced dehydration and maintains a harder surface with less snow, brittleness and chipping.

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