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Truck Mounted Vacuum Equipment

Super Products LLC has been designing, engineering and building its line of Camel sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years. That’s experience. And while exceptional, the new Camel 900 and 1200 are no exception when it comes to the rich tradition of Super Products offering municipalities and contractors the best in sewer cleaning equipment.

The Camel Maxxx 900

The Camel Maxxx 1200 Ejection Unloading Sewer Truck

The Camel Maxxx 1200 Wastewater Recycling Truck

Available exclusively from Super Products LLC, the Camel Maxxx 1200’s wastewater recycling system enable operators to clean sewers without the use of fresh water. And this can translate into substantial savings.

The Camel Maxxx 1200 offers:

  • SAVE WATER! Clean 2,500 feet of pipe a day; save 50,000 gallons of water a week. Good for productivity. Good for the environment.
  • SAVE TIME! Longer on-site performance. Clean 78% more pipe a day. That’s like adding two more days to the five day work week.
  • SAVE MONEY! Saving water, saving time: Saves money. Double your profits. Pay your unit off in months
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The Camel Maxxx 1200 Body Dump Unloading Sewer Truck

For municipalities and contractors who would like all the valuable features and capabilities the Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer and catch basin cleaner offers but prefer a dump body unloading system, Super Products offers the 1200 with this popular “tip-to-dump” unloading method.

Utilizing the curbside-mounted controls, operators can easily raise the collector body up 50° to thoroughly remove material.

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